You don’t have to have your own Evernote account just to View Notes in these Notebooks. (There are advantages, though, if you *do* have a paid account, as I do—Premium—in accessing these. I think you can actually then put the shared Notebook on your Desktop to access when off-line.)

If you *do* get an Evernote account, please let me know as I can send you Notes from within Evernote, rather than having to email something to you (which locks it for a particular time in its editing as a Note).

They’re all easily searchable by word or phrase, keywords (called “tags” by Evernote), similar to very granular ways you can do a Google search with search terms.

Some of those tips are here.

Using “intitle:” in the search bar in Evernote lets you put a word or phrase (in quotation marks) as something in the Subject line of a Note. “tag:” means it’s a keyword or phrase I’ve given it (like “Sony” for example in the SOP Notebook on photography).

Just because I have something in “to buy” does *not* mean I intend to buy it, just that I saved it for reference.

Apple mobile device tips

Cartoons and funny photos (incl. funny tweets that were more than words, funny photos)

Evernote tips and more

Free photo ebooks (I haven't read all of these yet.)

Quotes (including funny tweets)

Photography (11,000+ Notes, mostly webpages)

To buy