Humor - Dennis Fahringer

You don’t have to have your own Evernote account just to View Notes in these Notebooks. (There are advantages, though, if you *do* have a paid account, as I do—Premium—in accessing these. I think you can actually then put the shared Notebook on your Desktop to access when off-line.)

They’re all easily searchable by word or phrase, keywords (called “tags” by Evernote), similar to very granular ways you can do a Google search with search terms.

Some of those tips are here.

Using “intitle:” in the search bar in Evernote lets you put a word or phrase (in quotation marks) as something in the Subject line of a Note. “tag:” means it’s a keyword or phrase I’ve given it. 

Cartoons and funny photos (incl. funny tweets that were more than words, funny photos)

Quotes (including funny tweets)