Through my Rakuten account, I’ve already gotten checks from them totalling $280, without any work on my part. They’re a great free service.

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CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac is a many featured utility for my Macs that I’ve found very valuable. If you decide to sign up for a paid subscription, if you use this linkyou get a 30% discount. I get 3 months free on my subscription.

There’s also a Rakuten rebate possible. 



One of the productivity apps I use on the Macs and iPhone I use is Contacts+. My affiliate link for your getting the app and service will gain me a few benefits with them.



John Greengo is the best photo teacher I've ever seen. He has a longer series than this, but this is a shorter, less expensive series for those starting out in photography, Photography for beginners starter kit.

Here'a link to his longer, more in-depth, more expensive series on digital photography.

To get their lowest prices, get their email newsletters and watch for (frequent) sales. (Some of their sales are for 50%, even 60% off “normal” prices.)

I have bought many of their series for the School of Photography I (SOP I) and School of Photography II (SOP II), which I lead.

This is my affiliate link for any tutorial videos CreativeLive sells: $15 off for the you, the buyer, plus $15 credit for me with CreativeLive.com. I usually use those to buy more video series for the SOP I and II, not just myself.

For free:

Also from John Greengo:

You can find it to watch it streaming or you may download it (for free), 2018 Camera Buyer’s Guide.



One of my past School of Photography I students ended up working in international banking. She and her husband graciously wanted to support us financially, but didn’t want to lose more money than they had to in the transfer to us from Europe.

They researched it and have used this site to do that, sending to us here in Kona (even via our credit union) over years: I’d recommend it. You’ll lose less in transfer cost than with PayPal. (Note that within the U.S. at least, with PayPal you have the ability to send money to someone for free with their Friends and Family option. As I recall, the recipient also needs to be within the U.S. Not so with Transferwise.)

This is my affiliate link. Someone starts an account and gets a free international transfer of up to 500 GBP (British pounds) with TransferWise. If 3 invitees do this, transferring more than 200 GBP, I get 50 GBT.



I built this website with the help of SmugMug. A co-worker, Thema, graciously gave me her affiliate link. I saved 20% off the cost of my first year (Power level out of 4 levels). She got 20% credit for her own annual subscription.

Here's my affiliate code which can save you 20%.


Here's more information on what SmugMug calls their Refer-a-Friend program.